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Cloud Computing for small or large businesses, Bloggers, Web Developer, Start Up Companies or on-line shops.

This is a fully managed service so you don't need any knowledge of web server software to have your site hosted in the cloud. We will install your website in the cloud and look after all the technical bits.

Choose from data centers in Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic or Canada. The best choice is the data center nearest to your customers but that might not be the cheapest.

For example, the most common sites we host are WordPress based so we install WordPress with some choice plug-ins, secure it and monitor it for you. We also help you choose themes or plug-ins and can even design a custom theme if you like. Basically, we help you to get on-line and we keep you there.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

Why use the Cloud? For scalability and speed.

We can set up what ever type of website you need on this server, WordPress or a secure on-line shop.

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Cloud Hosting on Virtual Servers (VPS)
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